Vanessa heard a strange sound coming from her car, and she contacted Premier Auto Services e-CAR to get a professional opinion on what the possible problem could be.
Premier Auto Services e-CAR came out to her house to inspect the vehicle and make sure that it was safe for her to drive. Upon inspection, they discovered that the clutch plate needed replacement and that it was not safe to drive. They then collected the vehicle from her home at her convenience to keep her safe and less stressed with the whole situation. Premier Auto Services took care of everything so that Vanessa could have peace of mind knowing her car cared for professionally and with care.
After the clutch plate repair had taken place, Vanessa returned to Premier Auto Services e-CAR to have her aircon serviced.
Spring is the perfect time to get the filters cleaned and smelling fresh so that in the heat of the South African spring and summer, does not make car trips unpleasant. Your cars Aircon will filter the air, smell great and work like a dream.
👉🏾 Premier Auto Services e-CAR contact details 👈🏾
031 569 6939 / 031 569 6871
📱 WhatsApp number 082 416 5178 / 078 939 3223
🏢 24/25 Constantia Park, 1415 Chris Hani Rd (Old North Coast Rd), Durban – (next to Bluff Meats Supply Butchery) — at Premier Auto Services.
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