Right to repair

Unless we act now the future of the independent automotive aftermarket and the right of choice for consumers to choose is in jeopardy.

Maintain jobs and a sound SME landscape

SME entrepreneurs form the backbone of South Africa’s independent and multi-brand parts and repair market. They offer repair services within close proximity of consumers and help to keep jobs and skills local. They sustain and create employment not only in major cities, but in every corner of South Africa’s urban and rural communities, where daily human activity is most dependent on road-based mobility.

Affordable mobility throughout the entire life of a vehicle

An Independent Aftermarket means that competition is maintained. This is good news for consumers and the economy, as motorists are not forced to rely on the vehicle manufacturer as the exclusive supply source for parts and repair services for the aftermarket care of their vehicles. Motorists should be able to choose what is done to their property and who executes the work on what is, after all, their car.

Safety and sustainable benefits for the environment

The technical advances in emissions control contribute to global environmental protection. In order to ensure that vehicles conform to standard emission and safety standards, not only when they leave the factory but throughout their lives, regular inspection, servicing and repair is required. With fair and full access to information, multi-brand tools and equipment, parts and training, independent operators are able to make affordable, safe and clean mobility possible throughout the entire life cycle of the vehicle.

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