Budget-Beater Service Options

Performing your own oil change is a hassle. Our Budget-Beater Service options make it affordable to have this job done by a professional. Our Budget-Beater Service is a 45-minute job and would probably be the best 45-minutes you’ve spent on your car for a long time. Call Us on 031 569 6869 / 031 569 6871 to schedule an appointment, or simply click on BOOK HERE and we will call you back to schedule an appointment at your convenience. 45-minutes is not a long time, we’ll still serve you our best cup of coffee while you relax in our customer lounge.

So why not come for your oil service and stay for coffee?

Premier Auto Services e-CAR Book-a-service High-Mileage
Premier Auto Services e-CAR Book-a-service

R 1095

Recommended for vehicles 10 years and older, and where its kilometres exceed 150 000km. The best option for most older vehicles.

Premier Auto Services e-CAR Book-a-service Standard
Premier Auto Services e-CAR Book-a-service

R 1650

Recommended for vehicles between 5 and 10 years old. The perfect choice for conventional Petrol and Diesel engines in standard vehicles.

Premier Auto Services e-CAR Book-a-service Fully-Synthetic
Premier Auto Services e-CAR Book-a-service

R 2250

Recommended for vehicles 3 years and older. The ultimate oil for modern generation high-performance Petrol and Turbo Diesel engines.

All service options include:






Frequently purchased with service:


(R 195-Std size & R 240-Lrg size) excludes Easyvision type wipers and specific types.




(incl. R 100 discount voucher usable on next service)


5 litres of oil and standard oil filter included. Standard & High Mileage applies to 15W40, and Fully Synthetic applies to 5W30 viscosities. Offer applies to most cars, lcv’s and SUV’s. Not valid with any other offers, special order parts or warranty work. Additional charges of R 90 per litre for 15W40 and R 120 per litre for 5W30 if vehicle oil level exceeds the standard 5 litres. Other OEM oil specifications available at an additional cost.

Service FAQs

How long does it take for an oil service?

An oil service is an essential part of routine vehicle maintenance, but thankfully, it’s not really a time-consuming one. Generally speaking, you can expect your oil change to be completed within 45 minutes of your appointment beginning.

When does my car need an oil change?

The short answer is before sludge starts forming. Sludge is when the oil gets thick with grime, and cannot serve its function of lubricating the engines internal components.  The timing can really vary depending on the vehicle you’re driving, the conditions in which you’re driving, and how you drive. Look to your vehicle owner’s manual for a recommendation from the manufacturer, or bring your car into Premier Auto Services e-CAR for a recommendation from one of our Service Advisors.

What is the price for an oil change?

A High Mileage option—recommended for most older vehicles over 10 years old and has covered more than 150 000 km—is priced at R 995. A Standard option, for vehicles between 5 and 10 years old costs a low R 1095. And a Full Synthetic option recommended for most vehicles older than 3 years and up, is R 1695.

What is included in an oil change?

At Premier Auto Services e-CAR, each oil service option comes with an array of routine maintenance services, well beyond the oil change itself. In addition to changing the oil and filters, we offer a free 10 Point Safety Check, tyre pressure check, fluid top-up, visual brake check, and a service reminder sticker.

What type of oil does my car need?

There is much misunderstanding about the difference between conventional and synthetic oil, as well as choosing the right oil grade (for example, 15W-40, 5W-30, etc.) The best way to determine what type of oil to use in your car is to check the manufacturer’s handbook (usually found in your cubby hole), where you’ll find a recommendation based on rigorous manufacturer testing. You can also bring your vehicle to Premier Auto Services e-CAR to get a recommendation from one of our Service Advisors.

Budget-Beater Service – Our Specialty!

Your engine is made up of many moving parts, and those parts need to be properly lubricated to avoid damage to your vehicle’s engine. The lubricating oil in the engine provides this vital service, but over time that oil breaks down and becomes contaminated with dust, dirt, and debris from your engine as well as the environment. When that happens, oil can’t do its job. Changing your oil and filter will help your vehicle’s engine continue working at its best.

Our Service Advisors will consider the make, model, condition, and mileage of your car before recommending the necessary oil service option. We offer Standard, High Mileage or Full Synthetic oil service options that are recommended based on your cars’ individual needs.

All oil service options include a 10 Point Safety Check, Tyre Pressure Check, Fluid Top Up, Visual Brake Check, Standard Oil Filter and Top Quality ELF Engine Oil.

Premier Auto Services e-Car Oil Change
Premier Auto Services e-CAR Oil-Change

We want to make sure your vehicle receives the right kind of Oil Service at the right price.

Our Service Advisors will recommend the best type of oil for your car’s individual needs to keep the engine working at its best, and consistent with your manufacturer’s recommendations.

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