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Oil is the lifeblood of the engine in your vehicle. Without oil, your engine would burn up and seize in a matter of seconds.

Oil lubricates your engine and fights against the two biggest enemies of any motor: friction and heat. Friction and heat produce wear. Wear will eventually destroy your engine. Friction and heat degrade oil over time. This is the reason the engine oil and filter need to be replaced regularly.

Most cars, bakkies, and trucks that operate in South Africa, operate in extreme conditions such as dusty, cold, hot, rainy and hilly environments. This is classified as severe operating conditions as it is far different from the conditions in Europe, the USA and the rest of the world.

All vehicle manufacturers recommend your car undergoes regular servicing at a set kilometre or time interval (every 12 months) in order to keep the engine working in tip-top condition.

Petrol vehicles are generally serviced every 15 000 km intervals; however, some newer models are now serviced every 20 000 km or 30 000 km intervals. 

These newer model vehicles frequently use expensive, high-performance engine oils that keep the service interval length longer and the engine efficient at the same time. Unfortunately, older generation engine oils just can’t handle the increased kilometres between services and can cause damage if used in newer model vehicles.

An e-CAR Bosch trained technician is waiting to service your vehicle, using only the most superior parts and engine oils. Enquire now for pricing on a service for your vehicle.


The type of diesel fuel sold in South Africa is not of the same standard as that sold in Europe and the USA. Only recently did South Africa reduce the amount of sulphur content contained in diesel fuel, from 500ppm (parts per million) to only 50ppm. The greater the sulphur content, the more harmful the effects are on the vehicle’s engine.

In Europe, the sulphur content found in diesel fuel is 5ppm which is extremely low and makes for more efficient; environmentally friendly, better-performing diesel engines.

Service intervals for diesel vehicles in South Africa range from 10 000 km to 15 000 km service intervals or annually (every 12 months).  It is important to service your vehicle regularly at these prescribed servicing intervals to ensure your diesel engine runs at ideal efficiency levels.

It is imperative to use the correct grade of engine oil since most modern diesel engines use fully synthetic engine oil, similar to petrol engines. This oil is relatively expensive but necessary to ensure your engine runs trouble-free for many years.

Most vehicle manufacturers have now made it mandatory to replace the diesel fuel filter every time the engine oil is changed. This eliminates the risk of the engine being contaminated with excessive sulphur, reducing its fuel efficiency and lifespan.

Dirty fuel causes major problems such as damaging the fuel injectors. It also results in excessive carbon build-up inside the engine, reduces the efficiency of the engine and wears out the engine rings, causing excessive smoke to come out of the exhaust and the oil level to drop constantly.


All vehicles of today need adequate diagnostic equipment and professionally trained technicians who are able to understand the diagnostic information and fix the problem effectively. There are things that affect the performance of your vehicles, such as cold-start problems, misfiring, overheating, and many more. In order to locate the problem, a diagnostic examination of your engine is required. At Premier Auto Services e-Car we have the latest Bosch diagnostics computer and highly trained technicians to fix just about any problem we diagnose.

We also have the same diagnostic computers used by all General Motors dealerships that allow us to specialise in repairing all models of Chevrolet, Isuzu and Opel vehicles.

Our state-of-the-art diagnostics computers not only enable our technicians to diagnose problems in the vehicle, but it also enables them to reset the Next Service Indicator Light, test electric motors, central locking systems, airbag systems and update the latest software released for your car, amongst other features.

Premier-Auto-Services e-Car


If you experience a problem with your fuel supply, then a thorough examination is needed before replacing the fuel injection components as this can be a costly affair. Our experienced technicians use only the best equipment and we can assure you that your vehicle will be tested properly. The correct air and fuel mixture is crucial for your vehicle’s engine to run at its best.

The car’s modern computer (ECU) regulates the fuel/air ratio of the fuel system precisely. Often problems can occur with the air mass meter, air flow meter, oxygen sensor, throttle body, catalytic converter, petrol or diesel injectors or the timing of the ignition.  All of these problems affect the fuel/air ratio, which ultimately determines the efficiency of the car’s engine.

Our technicians check the optimum efficiency of your fuel injection system on every service on petrol vehicles. They also check how your fuel injection system is operating by measuring the exhaust gases. If a car emits excessive gasses (smoke) from its exhaust, then it is definitely a sign that the engine is not operating at its optimum.


Premier Auto Services e-CAR Brakes

Quality brakes are essential for any vehicle. At Premier Auto Services e-CAR, we supply top quality brake parts made by Bosch and ATE amongst others. The safety of you and your family is our priority, that’s why we fit only the best quality brake pads and brake discs in your car’s braking system.

When it comes to the operation of your brakes, here are some warning signs to look out for:

  • If the brakes are making any scratching, screeching or grinding noises when applying the brake pedal.
  • When applying the brake pedal, the vehicle is pulling more to one side.
  • When applying the brake pedal, they feel soft and almost spongy.
  • When applying the brake pedal there is a pulsating feeling on the pedal and the car starts to shudder or vibrate.
  • If there is a constant loss of brake fluid from its reservoir every time the brake fluid level is topped.
  • If warning lights for the brake system light up on your dashboard.
  • If you pull the handbrake up and the car still rolls backwards when parked on a slight hill.


A well-maintained car will last you many years of safe, trouble-free motoring. Our e-CAR Bosch trained technicians commit to giving our clients the very best workmanship and professional service experience they deserve. Being a member of the e-CAR nationwide dealer network gives us access to only the best quality repair parts that we recommend for your car at the most reasonable prices.

Don’t waste your time and money with fly-by-night workshops, friends, and family who claim to be able to repair your car at a low price, as this could lead to serious long-term problems. Usually, a too-good-to-be-true deal may land up being more expensive in the long run, resulting in more consequential damage to your car, than the initial repair.


The battery is an important, independent power source that powers every electrical system of the vehicle, such as the starter, headlights, windscreen wipers, electric windows, central locking, heater, radio, immobilizer, and alarm system, amongst others.

We can assist in locating the electrical faults in the vehicle by either rewiring those defective parts or by changing it. The alternator is a key component in the electrical system as its job is to recharge the battery while the engine is running. Our technicians are very competent in repairing all alternator systems, thereby ensuring that your vehicle’s battery remains fully charged at all times.

Premier Auto Services e-CAR Services
Premier Auto Services e-CAR Services


All vehicles air-conditioners (aircon) usually work in the same way by conditioning the air inside the cabin. This results in the air inside the cabin being cooled down to the comfortable temperature you select on the aircon or climate control setting.

By using the aircon for prolonged periods, you will notice an increase in your cars fuel consumption and a drop in its fuel economy. The use of the aircon system consumes energy from the vehicle as the aircon compressor works like a pump, which is driven by the engine power.

We offer servicing, re-gassing, and repairs of all vehicle air–conditioners. Our experienced technicians only use the right automatic regassing machinery and the right amount of gas to make sure your aircon system works optimally. We include a system flush whenever an aircon service is performed. We’re able to assist with leak detection, repairs, and aircon compressor replacements as well. By keeping your aircon system in tip-top condition, this will help improve your vehicles fuel economy, while keeping you and your family comfortable during your drive.


So, your engine has stopped working. What now? Do you replace or repair the engine?
There are some pros and cons of both options.


If you decide to go this route, the quotation will include all parts as well as the technician’s labour cost. No shortcuts should be taken because this will only lead to more problems.  When we overhaul your vehicle’s engine, you get a full one-year guarantee for the overhauled engine.  This guarantee does not include cover for the starter, alternator, cooling systems (radiators, expansion bottles, etc) or other components not replaced in the engine overhaul process. It also doesn’t cover the ignition systems and electronic components.  Our guarantee only covers the top and bottom sections on the engine (sub-assembly and cylinder head).

  • Pro: Your engine gets new parts, will run efficiently and last longer.
  • Con: This is somewhat expensive, and the repair must be done correctly using the best quality aftermarket or agents parts.


Often this is the only option because the expenses involved with overhauling the engine or buying a new engine from the agents are very expensive and out of one’s budget.  We do not buy and install second-hand engines, but we can install an engine that you have already bought.

We do not give any guarantees on the second-hand engine and there is a strong likelihood that you will have to repair the engine systems that caused the original engine to fail, such as a leaking radiator, leaking coolant pipes, etc.

We also recommend that you replace all the service parts on the second-hand engine to ensure that it starts up quickly and operates efficiently.

Often this is a better option for older make vehicles or very modern expensive engines.


Even if you are able to drive your vehicle into the workshop before the engine completely overheats or seizes, due to a blown cylinder head gasket, this is still not a guarantee that the engine has not been damaged.  We still need to remove the cylinder head and measure the cylinders and pistons.  Even then, these tests may not be conclusive, and we still can’t guarantee that the bottom end of the engine (pistons, rings, bearings, and crankshaft) has not been damaged.  Once a cylinder head is repaired and the engine is working again, there still may be other faults. These faults could be found on the engine block, cylinders, and pistons, the cooling systems, fuel systems, ignition systems or the injectors.

Replacing the cylinder head gasket is merely addressing the consequential damage as some other part of the engine system causes it to blow. Usually, vehicles that have leaking radiators, sticky thermostats, leaking water pipes, excessive dust, and dirt in the engine and blocked air filters are all factors that can cause a cylinder head gasket to blow. These are the root causes of the problem and will need to be fixed once the head gasket has been replaced.

Repairing the cylinder head gasket is a decision that needs to be made by you on the results presented and if you do need to repair any of the other faults, it will be at an additional expense.

This is the best economical repair option if only the cylinder head gasket is blown without causing extensive damage; however, if the engine was severely overheated, then we don’t recommend this option.


This is another cost-effective way to get your vehicle moving again. Partial repairs are when you replace only the engine parts that failed, while the balance of the original engine parts is re-used. It must be noted though, that if there are any hidden defects or faults with any of the balance of the original parts, and it cannot be found during the testing phase or repair of the vehicle, we cannot be held responsible for this. For example, if we replace your valve stems seals, then a guarantee is given on our conditions for the valve stem seal repair only, but if hidden defects occur when the engine is started then we cannot be responsible for that.

A partial repair is often a good choice, but there may be other underlying faults.

Engine, gearbox and differential repairs are considered to be major component repairs and require suitable time to complete. These repairs are intricate, may involve outsourced engineering and as a result, may lead to extending the repair times.

It is important to decide a repair option quickly as the longer a vehicle stands inoperative, there is a big risk of other problems occurring even though it is not starting or moving. For example, the thermostat may rust and become sticky, the engine hydraulics may lose oil pressure and become noisy or very commonly the battery will lose charge and not be reusable even if recharged.

The best way to avoid all these expensive repairs is to service your car at its specified service interval and repair any small concern before it becomes a major problem.

An e-CAR Bosch trained technician is waiting to service your vehicle, using only the most superior parts and engine oils. Enquire now for pricing on a service for your vehicle.